Mellie shows off

Our dog Mellie recently won three majors at some of her outings at dog shows in Missouri and Kentucky. Here she is on the winner’s platform with the amazing handler Erica Cross. Erica was also Elenas (Mellie’s mother) handler at Westminster, the National Dog Show, and the Royal Canin (formerly Eukanuba) Championships.

She cleans up really nice for a hunting dog from the country!

Frozen Figs, Parsley, and Pasta

With the lockdown from Corona Virus, we’ve gone through our frozen fig stock this winter…. One our of favorite recipes with figs we started using in 2017…as part of our catering at Ridge the Edge in Jamestown Tennessee. Frozen figs go fantastically with fresh parsley, over orichetti pasta in a white wine and garlic sauce. Notes of sautéed sweet onions highlight the dish and make for a welcome change from the more savory tastes of winter.