Lockdown Pasta

One of my favorite recipes is made from mostly leftovers and some things from our garden. This is a mushroom pasta with Italian sausage, parsley, oregano, garlic, sautéed onions, and fried capers in a burre blanc sauce.

First, take pasta fungi (mushroom infused pasta), in this case linguine, but any will do… and cook it, retaining the pasta water after draining.

In the meantime, sautee the chopped onions (large chops) in butter and olive oil (I use lemon infused olive oil for tartness). Once browned, add in sliced salami or pepperoni, in quarter wheel slices. Add in a couple tablespoons of capers. The capers will fry up in the butter, salami fat, and oil… Add in fresh chopped oregano and long slices of garlic bulbs. Wait til the garlic is browned and there is a slight carmelization on the salami.

For the sauce, add in about a third of a cup of white wine (I use sauvignon blanc), shredded parmesiagn cheese, and chopped parsley. Let reach a simmer, then add in 1 cup of the pasta water, 1/3 at a time, and reduce down to a thin film on the ingredients.

Now, add in the pasta, along with some additional minced parsley, and toasted lemon zest if you have it (bread crumbs and zested lemon peel in equal amounts at 400 degrees for 2-4 minutes works wonders for this…

Add some sliced parmesiagno reggio, a light garnish… and serve with whatever wine you have 🙂 Enjoy!

Monarch Catepillars are out!

 This morning Keri was walking around, checking fences, trees and the garden.  She noticed that the milkweed leaves were really chewed up.  On closer examination, she found 2 monarch caterpillars eating away, happy as can be.  The area they were in does not have a large established bed of milkweed, so I plucked the leaves they were on and moved them to the garden where there is an unlimited supply of this plant.  Hoping to see more caterpillars and some beautiful Monarch butterflies soon!

Asparagus is up and Marigolds are here!

Our Asparagus bed is in full swing, with a bunch of Asparagus produced every day. They’re tasty but require maintenance. What you may not know is that Asparagus can spread its seeds far and wide. We have asparagus sprouting not only in their bed, but 25 feet away under a cherry tree!

We use Marigolds for their ornamental beauty, but also for garden pest repellence. They work better than citronella and the like for the typical pests we see in Georgia.

Spring in Bloom

This weekend the pollen is out, but so are the blooms. We also have finished our vegetable garden, and the asparagus bed is in full production! We use marigolds for pest control, but they’re not quite up yet… can’t wait til they are in bloom as well.

Our herbs are doing well, particularly the rosemary, oregano, mint, and sweet basil. Let us know if you recognize these spring blooms .

Mellie shows off

Our dog Mellie recently won three majors at some of her outings at dog shows in Missouri and Kentucky. Here she is on the winner’s platform with the amazing handler Erica Cross. Erica was also Elenas (Mellie’s mother) handler at Westminster, the National Dog Show, and the Royal Canin (formerly Eukanuba) Championships.

She cleans up really nice for a hunting dog from the country!