Incredible thanks to Doris Battisti and Erica Cross of Ivolare Spinoni

We really can’t say enough about Doris Battisti’s help this week (and her husband Rick’s patience) monitoring and supporting Mellie for the past six days through delivery. She’s been amazing and so helpful.

Erica Cross and her husband Jeremy have helped with every stage of the breeding through delivery and we just can’t say enough about their gracious assistance and expertise. Ilvolare Spinone… we love you!

Aki, Tempra, Trish, Amanda, and Diane all great Veterinary Assistants who were on standby through the birthing. Thank you so much for being there with us.

Puppies are almost here!

Mellie, our AKC Champion Spinone Italiano is ready to have her litter this week.

She and Fletch met up in late last year in Delaware, and now she’s looking to deliver 7-8 puppies based on the X-Rays.

New mom “Mellie” will turn 4 in March. This is her first litter.  She has passed her health testing for hips/elbows and eyes.  Her hips are rated OFA Good.
She is a silly girl with a big personality.  She has earned an AKC Championship Title in Confirmation. She lives in the home with us, and is a sturdy 80 pounds pre-pregnancy.

More details on Fletch in our next post, but he’s handsome, a champion, and also has passed testing.

Prepare for puppy pictures… We have many spoken for and but we still have a few available, so it’s not too late if you’re interested in a puppy. If you’re interested, send us an email or note on this page and we’ll send you the application. This will be a limited registry litter (i.e. breeding rights restricted).

(Thank you matchmaker Erica Cross for making this happen!)

Handsome Father Fletch
Mellie looking beautified at the show.
Mellie after an impressive dig!