Double Chocolate Figs!

We tried to produce our first double chocolate figs this year… It was almost a six month process, but they came out beautifully. Here’s the text from our insert – These Double Chocolate Brandied Figs will have a delightful splash of high end French Brandy, a Ghiradelli Granache, a delightful dark chocolate Christmas coat, andContinue reading “Double Chocolate Figs!”

Yams or Sweet Potatos? Sweet Potatoes?

We had a limited crop of sweet potatos this year, due to some bugs ruining about half the crop. Still, a good set of sweet potatos can last for a month or so, and are great in soufles, casseroles, baked in a variety of ways, fried, and in soups. Of course the most flavor waysContinue reading “Yams or Sweet Potatos? Sweet Potatoes?”

Recipe – Fig and Olive Gnocchi

Our favorite dinner meals with Figs include Fig with Brussel Sprouts, a southern favorite, and Figs with Pasta. The best of those pasta recipes remains the Fig and Olive Gnocchi (No-Key). First, wash, destem, and dice the figs (4-6 figs per person) Second, dice Castelvetrano olives (the King of savory olives, although other olives willContinue reading “Recipe – Fig and Olive Gnocchi”