Double Chocolate Figs!

We tried to produce our first double chocolate figs this year… It was almost a six month process, but they came out beautifully.

Here’s the text from our insert –

These Double Chocolate Brandied Figs will have a delightful splash of high end French Brandy, a Ghiradelli Granache, a delightful dark chocolate Christmas coat, and a hint of Georgia Walnut.

These figs were picked in late harvest from our fig trees on the farm, then lovingly prepared with walnut fillings and placed in oak casked smooth French Brandy for almost six months in our special fig cellar. 

At peak flavor they have been dried, filled with a chocolate Grenache, aired, and then coated in decadent dark chocolate before being wrapped for you.

All food safety protocols were used in this process, to ensure the best quality and security for your enjoyment!

Merry Christmas!

Don and Keri, Coverland Farms

Ingredients: Figs, Brandy, Semi Sweet Chocolate, Heavy Cream, Dark Chocolate, Salt, Walnuts.

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