Recipe – Fig and Olive Gnocchi

Our favorite dinner meals with Figs include Fig with Brussel Sprouts, a southern favorite, and Figs with Pasta. The best of those pasta recipes remains the Fig and Olive Gnocchi (No-Key).

First, wash, destem, and dice the figs (4-6 figs per person)

Second, dice Castelvetrano olives (the King of savory olives, although other olives will work is savory and not overly salty in tast), roughly 12 olives.

Add in 3/4 to a bowl, set the rest aside.

Third, place in a medium heat pan with garlic and olive oil. I use pre-prepared garlic olive oil, but if not, then fry up 2-4 bulbs of garlic in olive oil. Add in butter to taste (1-2 tbsp) and salt.

Cook your Gnocchi, follow directions for it, then place Gnocchi in pan and fry until crispy on exterior in oil sauce, typically 2-4 minutes per side. Add in the 3/4 diced mixture and cook until diced elements stick to Gnocchi (optional adding of wine here for a light burre blanc sauce taste)

Plate the Gnocchi, and add the remaining figs and diced olives on top. Grate parmesiagno reggio until top is covered, and serve hot.

It’s vegan, it’s a mixture of cool and hot, crispy and soft, savory and sweet… perfect for a late afternoon or early evening repast.


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