Cooking from the Garden

One of the most exciting things about harvest is the benefit of fresh farm to table ingredients. But its also a challenge, to decide what to do with an overabundant crop.

For figs, we have them raw, in salads, with cottage cheese, grilled with honey vinegrette, in pasta, jams, and pie fillings. This year we’re trying chocolate filled with a whiskey granache and an exterior dark chocolate coating. It’s tasty, but the drying takes several days.

We also started making our own ground pepper, and it’s *hot* but also very flavorful.

Tomatos, cucumbers, squash, zucchini, blackberries, asparagus, bell peppers, apples, and the like are fairly standard… but our southern classic is… THE TOMATO SANDWICH.

Take a german queen heirloom tomato in a large slice 1/4″ or more, salt and pepper the slice. Place on cheap white bread, after covering the bread with mayonaise. Then place a yellow cheddar or american cheese slice on it…. ENJOY.

Still to come this year are corn, sweet potatos, canteloupe, watermelon, mushrooms, and a few other southern staples… so watch for pictures.

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